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Shenelle Wickramanatha, Volunteer and Student

“During my time volunteering at S&E care home over the past 6 months, I met residents with a variety of medical needs and immediately became aware of how rigorously the staff has designed care plans that met the individual needs of every resident. However, over time I also realised that this is a care home that values not only the physical wellbeing of its residents but also their happiness. I was struck by the peaceful and calm atmosphere that staff work hard to maintain, and also the warm relationships that exist between staff and residents. Far from the clinical-type relationships that I expected, staff were always kind and patient. In addition to this, the staff at S&E care home were respectful of the varying values of the residents, who came from a range of backgrounds. Even where there were language barriers, the residents were treated with cultural sensitivity.

Before I began volunteering, I had a negative outlook on life within care homes, however after having volunteered for over 6 months at S&E Homes, I learnt that a care home can in fact be an extremely positive environment for those who reside there”

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