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Low Level Support and Move-on Preperaiton

Low-Level Support and Move-on Preparation

3rd_homeThe lower levels of support offered to residents of S&E Housing in our supported accommodation in Walthamstow reflect their proximity to being able to return to living independently. Our systems and programmes are designed to deal not only with mental disorders and the challenges these create, but of equal importance, the more day-to day challenges that residents will face when they leave our facilities. As we keep mentioning, empowerment is so important to us, and part of that empowerment involves helping residents with the help of experienced support workers face up to the more mundane, but extremely important challenges that will be facing them.

This involves the practical aspects of living a wholly independent life, so our education programmes include how to maintain the tenancy of where they will live, how to maximise their income – ensuring they are both aware of what benefits they are entitled to and are claiming them. Because of our belief that self-worth is a key element of empowerment, residents are also helped to explore educational opportunities, to enrol or apply for certain skills courses, and also how to look for voluntary work.

Low-level support is the last stepping stone of our residents prior to being independent again. We want anyone who stays with us in our mental health supported accommodation not to see independence as being alone, but more making the most of life while still having access to help and support. We believe this is the most successful way of ensuring those who have been suffering with mental health problems are equipped with the basic tools in order to lead a rewarding and fulfilling future.