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66 Leonard Road
South Chingford

33-35 Borwick Avenue

24 Hour Support

24-Hour Support

24-hour-supportMental health accommodation facilities for 24-hour support at 33 & 35 Borwick Avenue in Walthamstow cater for both male and female residents with their own separate facilities. The emphasis on full-time support is to help to both encourage and also empower residents with mental health problems.
Our aim is not just to care for those who stay with us, but we are especially committed to providing confidential health care and education to help our residents return to living independently. We are highly experienced with providing a safe haven through supported living for those in crisis and whose mental health problems are stopping them from coping with life on an everyday level.

Our practice revolves around an initial careful assessment of each new resident’s needs and any risks that they may face. This is followed by comprehensive support planning. After this, our aim is to involve each resident in key-work sessions and house meetings in order to help them regain personal confidence and social skills. Each resident will also be offered additional consultations based on individual needs as we fully respect that each and every person who stays with us is unique in their needs.

With a strong emphasis on assisting residents return to independent living, great importance is placed on education, ranging from learning basic cooking skills through to dealing with more important matters like paperwork and form filling. Our principal aim is to enable residents to make the most of life and to adapt according to capabilities.