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Recovery Programms

recovery_programmesThrough our recovery programme, clients placed with S&E will be well supported through a holistic and Person-Centred approach with an aim of promoting positive behavioural change and empowerment.

In summary we:

  • Provide all-round training in key knowledge areas, to help towards independent living.
  • Enable clients to share experiences and gain support and coping skills.
  • Ensure opportunity to receive and provide further education and training.
  • Maximise people’s dignity, equality and ability to fulfil their life’s ambitions.
  • Personal incident support skilled senior staff.

Basic life skills training:

  • Money management: advice on budgeting and accessing financial services.
  • Level 2 and Level 3 Medication Administration Support.
  • Cooking: initial mandatory home economics session for up to an hour, then as requested.
  • Encourage and review personal development plan at quarterly intervals.
  • Form filling.
  • Advice on seeking training, education and employment.