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66 Leonard Road
South Chingford

33-35 Borwick Avenue

Services Provided

Recovery Programme

recovery_programmesThrough our recovery programme, clients placed with S&E will be well supported through a holistic and Person-Centred approach with an aim of promoting positive behavioural change and empowerment.

In summary we:

  • Provide all-round training in key knowledge areas, to help towards independent living.
  • Enable clients to share experiences and gain support and coping skills.
  • Ensure opportunity to receive and provide further education and training.
  • Maximise people’s dignity, equality and ability to fulfil their life’s ambitions.
  • Personal incident support skilled senior staff.

Basic life skills training:

  • Money management: advice on budgeting and accessing financial services.
  • Level 2 and Level 3 Medication Administration Support.
  • Cooking: initial mandatory home economics session for up to an hour, then as requested.
  • Encourage and review personal development plan at quarterly intervals.
  • Form filling.
  • Advice on seeking training, education and employment.

Understanding My Medication

understanding_medicationsMedication compliance is often a very important part of maintaining both mental and physical health.

S&E Housing implement eMAR at Boots, a comprehensive electronic medication management system that supports Level 2 Medication Administration Support for those with higher needs and Level 3 support for those who have progressed to self-administration.


Patient involvement improves patient compliance.

Other benefits include: Improved Safety, Efficiency and Compliance where clear records and reports provide insights and audits for the quality of care

Confidential personal healthcare advice

This service is also monitored by our qualified State Registered Nurse and Care Director and include:

  • Risk assessments
  • Healthy living: dietary advice; accessing health services including complementary therapies; and improving fitness activities and well-being.
  • Hygiene
  • Sexual Health
  • Alcohol and Drug awareness
  • Immunisation recommendations
  • Seeking further medical advice

There is a dedicated Activities Co-ordinator to both homes to help clients with social activities, voluntary work and accessing education.

Psycho-educational and Themed Therapy Sessions

therapy-sessionsEducational sessions are on a weekly basis, creating an interactive learning environment as the basis for optimum engagement and retention of developing new skills.  The themed sessions help each client, whether as a group or individually, discuss topics such as fear, happiness, depression, anxiety, goals, success and many more.

Motivational Interviewing (MI).

MI is a goal-oriented, client-centred counselling style for
eliciting behaviour change by helping clients to explore and resolve ambivalence. Compared with non-directive counselling, it’s more focused and goal-directed.

Although the whole team was trained and will continue on-going practice and support, our psychology degree staff lead the way with their psycho-educational sessions and more structured approach to MI to promote goal setting and behavioural change.

Transport Service

Transport Service

If needed, transport will be provided to move a client from their previous location and into their new home.


S & E Housing Ltd. will:

  • Keep the common parts e.g. hall, stairs etc. of the accommodation clean
  • Keep the common parts in a good state of repair
  • Keep the shared facilities in good repair (e.g. bath, sinks, lighting, cooker)
  • Keep all kitchen appliances in a safe, clean and working condition
  • Ensure facilities for heating and hot water are in good working conditions
  • Ensure fire equipment and fire escapes are in good working order
  • Provide sufficient rubbish bins
  • Provide a notice in a communal area of our contact details.

Out-of-hours Assistance

We will provide 24-hour care as well as out-of hours service for emergencies for those who are semi-supported.  A standby officer/carer will be available to deal with your emergency repairs and housing issues. Borwick is single sexed accommodation and Chingford is mixed accommodation.