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How to Reinforce Positive Behavioural Change at Work

Positive Behavioural Change

Our behaviour is the way we conduct ourselves and how we act towards other people. In the workplace, bad behaviour can be quite damaging and just one person portraying signs of this, can quite easily affect everyone in the organisation. Positive behavioural change is about changing the way staff perform and their overall attitude. These are some ways to change behaviour in the workplace.

Mentor your employees

It is important to gain an understanding of the behaviours of your employees and to firmly tackle any negative behaviours which may be interfering with their development. When you mentor your employees, they will feel valued and it will help in encouraging them to progress within the organisation. With the right mentoring and trust, you can promote positive behavioural change in your employees. Employ a time tracker on how long your employees work, for that’d be really helpful to check for the overtime some employees undertake.

Take it slowly

If you don’t tackle negative behaviours, as they happen, you will find it really difficult to do anything about it – it will be too late. For example, if you have an employee who portrays a negative attitude, is less than productive and always late for work and you let this happen for a long period of time, it will be extremely difficult to change it. However, if you tackle one negative behaviour at a time and you do this quickly and with all your employees, it will be much easier to introduce a positive behavioural change. Take it slowly and address one issue at a time.

Introduce rewards

Positive behaviours should be rewarded, as this will encourage an overall positive change. If your employees demonstrate good behaviour, you should make sure you reward it in some way as this will help to promote a positive behavioural change. Simply recognising and acknowledging the behaviour can be enough, but if you want to go one step further, you may consider rewarding it too.

Lead from the top

Positive changes don’t just happen overnight, you need to be able to inspire your employees and this involves leading from the top. When employees recognise good behaviours from their leaders, they are more likely to demonstrate these too. These may include motivation, a positive attitude and good attendance. If these need to be changed in your organisation, it is important to look at the leaders. Are they demonstrating the kind of behaviours you want from your employees? If not, this will need to be addressed.

Understand the reasons

If your employees are demonstrating bad behaviours, it is important to understand why. What is the culture of your organisation? Are your employees demonstrating the same bad behaviours or is it specific individuals? The sooner you find out the cause of bad behaviour, the easier it will be to change these to positive behaviours. This can be challenging and difficult at times, but if you don’t take time to understand the reasons, you will never be able to change it. If you are not quite sure of your culture, ask your employees how they feel. This will give you a better insight into your culture and will make it easier to change the behaviours to those which will help your business to prosper.

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