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3 Steps for Healthy Living

Healthy living

It seems like everyone else has this funny life figured out on Facebook and Instagram, taking pictures of their avocado and toast, gym selfies or just #feelingblessed with their new baby/engagement ring/marriage. Sometimes that can really make the rest of us feel like our lives are stagnating or that we are being left behind. This can play havoc with our mental health, and the best way to fix the feeling of stagnation is to have a healthy relationship with yourself. And that means looking to inspire and change your negative habits for good healthy living ones.

1. Make your own meals 80% of the time

You are what you eat; an adage as old as time itself, yet it is such an important phrase. When you want to inspire self-love, the first thing you should do is reevaluate your diet. We don’t mean you should do a 180 and go vegan, we mean really think about what you are feeding your body. Boxes of doughnuts and ordering pizza every night do not make a healthy and happy person. Invest in recipe books and quality ingredients to try and cook your own food. Experiment and really understand the process and the motion of creating good, nutritious meals. Leave takeaways and restaurant meals for the other 20% of the time to treat yourself.

2. Exercise – but only do what you love

There aren’t many out there who jump out of bed and truly love their morning jog, and just how many people are really excited about the gym after a hard days slog at work? We all know exercise is great for maintaining a healthy body, but did you know exercise is a great stress reliever too? However, that doesn’t mean you should pound for miles on the treadmill if you are looking for excuses not to go each day. Find a sport or class you love doing, maybe convince a friend or partner to be your gym buddy and do it together. As long as you love what you are doing you won’t dread showing up. Not only will you feel healthier, but your stress levels will reduce, you will sleep better and you will see tangible progress if you stick with it.

3. Find a comfortable environment to live in

Making sure that you are in a place you call home is so important and it can literally make the difference between feeling completely isolated from the world and knowing that you have somewhere to go. Feeling safe is also an important aspect, First Aid Training Kit can be a helpful addition. It goes without saying that if there are other problems in your life, having a place where you feel safe will always centre the mind. Using our services, you will always find that our people-centric approach will make you feel at home before we can even find one to meet your specific needs. Give us a call today so we can help you, or contact us so we can find you a safe and comfortable environment to live in.

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