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The Impact of Anxiety on Your Physical, Social and Emotional State


Anxiety is a normal response to when we experience something new or unexpected. Anxiety is the body’s normal response in dealing with the uncertainty of the situation. But what happens when anxiety begins to take over your life? Below we explore how anxiety affects the entire body and how it physically, socially, and emotionally impacts your life.

Feeling overwhelmed

People who suffer from high levels of anxiety find their lives dominated by constant worry, irrational fears and even dread when carrying out normal activities of daily living. Their anxiety stops them from living a happy and fulfilled life. Life with anxiety can have a negative impact on your health and general wellbeing.

How anxiety affects physical health

Your general health can suffer as a result of living with constant anxiety. You can feel generally run down and lack energy, or indeed lack the motivation to carry out daily activities.

Cardiovascular changes can also occur and include the individual suffering from chest pain, palpitations and a rapid heartbeat. Over time this can lead to more serious and long-term cardio problems.

It is also very common to suffer from digestive problems, such as constipation, loose stool and irritable bowel, due to anxiety.

Behavioural changes, such as being unable to sleep properly, and lack of concentration are also very common.

Social life and anxiety

As well as anxiety having a huge impact on your physical health, it can also have a negative impact on your social life. Panic attacks are incredibly common and can stop many people from leaving their homes and going to work. This, therefore, has a snowball effect upon that person’s sense of wellbeing and self-worth. Many people feel that they can’t even leave their home to do the weekly shop, or to meet a friend for coffee. Social anxiety really does have a huge negative impact on all aspects of an individual’s life, and the ability to live a normal day. Relationships and family dynamics can also be greatly affected, even resulting in relationship breakdown.

How anxiety affects emotional health

As already discussed, anxiety greatly impacts physical health and your social life, but what about your emotional and mental health? The answer is that anxiety impacts greatly on emotional health. It is widely acknowledged that there is a link between high anxiety levels and suffering from depression, particularly in young men. According to alcoholdrugrehabs.com, coupled with this is the fact that many individuals become reliant upon alcohol and drugs, because of their depression. Many of these individuals also have very low self-esteem and self-worth, because of their addiction, social isolation and fears.

Final words…

The best advice for anyone who feels that their anxiety is taking over their lives and affecting their ability to carry out daily activities of living is to seek professional help. Talk to your family if you can, seek medical help from your GP. The first step is to acknowledge that you are suffering from anxiety, and the next step is to gain help and support.

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