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66 Leonard Road
South Chingford

33-35 Borwick Avenue

About Us


Our vision is to enhance Quality of Life and to Empower clients to develop essential life skills; promoting physical health and mental well-being.


What We Do

  • Level 2 and level 1 medication administration support and stock management
  • Psycho-educational sessions
  • Themed therapy groups
  • Motivational interviewing & coping skills

What We Don’t do

  • Pamper or mollycoddle our residents – this does not encourage independence
  • Treat our residents as though they are mentally ill – we acknowledge their problems
  • Cater for severely mentally handicapped residents with special needs
  • Provide in-depth psychological or psychiatric treatment
  • Disrespect anyone who stays with us because of their illness


Our Values

To value and appreciate people with a Person Centred Approach to care

Enable clients to share their experiences whilst gaining support and learning coping skills.

Provide training and education in key knowledge areas to facilitate understanding, acceptance and independent living.

Empower people to make positive choices and to be involved in their communities.

Take responsibility for our actions and act fairly and consistently.
Be honest, open and accountable.

Maximise people’s dignity, equality and ability to fulfil their life’s ambitions.

Listen to ensure we deliver agreed plans and outcomes

Encourage skill and expertise throughout the organisation

Welcome and support innovation and new ideas

Promote leadership and learning

S&E Housing have full accreditation to provide Accommodation Based Services by Waltham Forest, Newham, Hackney and Tower Hamlets.  We follow the Quality Assessment Frameworks with each borough and are inspected on a yearly as a minimum.

S & E Supported Accommodation

What sets us apart at S&E Housing is not our ability to help those who are simply in need of mental health supported living on a day to day basis, though this we can do admirably. Instead our goal is to empower anyone who stays with us to lead as fulfilling and rewarding a life as possible.

Our Learning Disabilities Mission

A positive behavioural approach that listens and enables people with learning disabilities, to communicate effectively with others, manage their emotions and live as independently as possible in their local communities.

Our Mental Health Mission

Our rehabilitation programme focuses on recovery, to support and empower people with mental health needs to take back control of their lives.

Our Client Groups

Client groups include: Mild Learning Disability, Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, Schizoaffective Disorder, Substance Misuse, Hoarders, Forensic History