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10 best activities for healthy living

Activities for Healthy Living

We are inundated with advice about improving health and wellbeing. From exotic diets to complicated exercise regimes, the options are seemingly endless.

So, how does one choose what really works? Here are the 10 best activities for healthy living. Time-tested and proven to work, these are guaranteed to get you to feel healthier and better in no time!

1. Eat well

The simple fact is that we really are what we eat. Poor diets are responsible for a wide range of health issues, from diabetes to obesity.

Fear not: there is absolutely no proof that any specific diet is necessary. All that is needed is a varied and balanced diet, with plenty of vegetables and good-quality protein.

2. Walk

Physical activity promotes good heart health, supports your immune system, and even improves your mood! If spending hours at the gym is not for you, try simple walking. Consider getting off a couple of stops earlier, or driving less.

Research has shown that even a 20-minute walk is one of the best activities for healthy living.

3. Get enough sleep

We all know that not getting enough sleep makes us tired. It turns out that it does a lot more damage than that. Poor sleep has been linked to diabetes and weight gain, among other health problems. Sleep may seem like a completely passive process, but it actually is one of the key activities for healthy living.

To get good quality sleep, consider turning off all your devices at least 40 minutes before bedtime.

4. Go for a swim

One of the main reasons people do not exercise is that they find it exhausting and boring. Why not swap your workout for a swim? Swimming is cardiovascular and easy on your spine, especially if you’ve recently had spine surgery or a similar surgery.

It also is great for overall body toning and losing weight.

5. Take a bath

One of the most indulgent activities for healthy living is taking a hot bath! A bath is an opportunity for relaxing and letting go of the day.

Bathing also improves blood circulation and the appearance of your skin.

6. Go to the sauna

Saunas are one of the most time-honoured activities for healthy living. They are recommended by many traditional health practitioners around the world.

A good sweat in a sauna aids your body in expelling toxins and can promote better sleep.

7. Read a book

Reading is one activity we all seem to be doing less and less of. And yet, regular reading has been linked to better mental health, improved memory, and a reduced risk of memory-loss related illness later in life.

Try a print copy, rather than an electronic one.

8. Try yoga

Yoga is one of the top activities for healthy living – and we now have scientific proof! Researchers at the University of California have done rigorous testing, and have found that yoga really does promote good health.

Benefits include a healthier spine, less chance of injury and illness, and a healthier weight.

9. Enjoy the sun

We all know about the harmful effects of UV radiation. However, when enjoyed in moderation in the morning and/or evening, sunlight builds our Vitamin D levels and helps us produce the hormone serotonin, which is very important for good mental health.

10. Be kind

This may seem unrelated to health, but when people are being kind, they are calmer and less stressed than when the response is anger.

Be kinder to others, and you’ll be the healthier for it!

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