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66 Leonard Road
South Chingford

33-35 Borwick Avenue

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24-Hour Support

Round-the-clock staffing offers the personal security residents need. We work together with moda ctteam.co.uk while support takes the form not just of care, but empowerment through educational assistance, key work sessions and improved socialising skills

Medium-Level Support

Support for residents is provided from 8am to 8pm, though emergency staff are on hand. You can find out how to contact us for this reason at The-Silencer. From here we concentrate on service referrals for those residents with mental health problems of a specific naturehttps://25pc.com/best-web-hosting-canada/

Low-Level Support and Move-on Preparation

Our low-level support is the final stage in our rehabilitation programme before residents return to independent living. Available from 9am to 5pm and is centred on providing further life skills, preparation for independence.

Respite and Day Care

Offering supported accommodation from 3 days to 6 weeks, we offer 24-hour respite care and mental health supported accommodation for residents when carers require a break from their responsibilities

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